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      Brand new website, same old IMPWEAR.

      Just like a kid eventually outgrowing a pair of pants, IMPWEARhome has finally grown out of our old website hosting service. Our proverbial tummy was showing for a while, there. Awkward.

      But here we are on Shopify, which has made sorting, uploading, and hosting a heck of a lot easier. Our growing product line finally has some room to stretch its legs, giving you (the customer) a much easier time shopping for whatever IMPWEAR goodness you're looking for.

      It also loads much faster now. Phew.

      Feel free to get in touch with us if you notice any weird typos or experience anything wacky while trying to use the new site. Otherwise, take a look around, and enjoy the new view!

      Next step: a wholesale portal to make it even easier for the stores you love to stock the bags you love. And tablecloths. And aprons. And bibs...