Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laminated Cotton the same as Oilcloth?


This is NOT YOUR GRANDMA"S OILCLOTH. It's not made of oil, nor is it made with toxic PVC like the Mexican “oilcloth”. Don’t be fooled--Mexican oilcloth never biodegrades and contains Phthalates, which have been known to cause cancer. By comparison, our water-based urethane coating is laminated to the face of the fabric, combining durability with easy-care convenience (it cleans up easily with a damp cloth). All of our fabrics are food-safe, earth-safe, and family-friendly.

Back in the day, oilcloth was made by coating cotton with linseed oil, which cracked and peeled with age. This became obsolete with the advent of non-cracking plastics, using phthalates (forever chemicals) to make them bend.

Our "Magic Fabric" has the weight and drape of real cotton quilting cloth. It's laminated with a soft matte biodegradable finish to ensure it can stand up to years of wear and tear. It's sophisticated, feels like plain fabric, and is built to last.

Who designs the prints?

I do!

We collaborate with other designers sometimes, but mostly it's me, right here in Seattle.

Food Safe, Non-Toxic

We had it tested in accordance with the FDA specifications for food safety by The Hong Kong Standards And Testing Centre Ltd. It also got an eco-friendly seal of approval from OEKO-TEX. Read More HERE


YES. And we have an EnviroStar to prove it!

We recycle EVERYTHING possible. All wholesale orders and many of our retail orders are shipped in recycled boxes. For the packaging we buy new, it's compostable.

We save energy wherever we can, and do errands by electric car. We strive for a circular economy model, by using local stitchers + Made in the US suppliers.

What size tablecloth do you need?

Standard tablecloth "drop" is 6" - 12" on each side. If your tablecloth is off by a few inches between sides, don't worry.

Want to make it yourself? Buy our fabric by the yard. You can leave it un-hemmed if you want. The fabric won't unravel as it's sealed by the lamination.

How to measure for tablecloth size: measure your table and add 2x the drop you want to the length & width of your table. 


For Square or Rectangle click here.
For Round click here.

Enter in the dimensions in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at check out.

Can you iron this fabric?

Yes, on either side, actually. But start on the cotton side. We recommend a lower heat setting, though most wrinkles and creases will naturally relax out over time.

You can iron on interfacing or stabilizers. Go ahead and try it. If you are able to ruin it, we will send you replacement fabric.

Where are our products made?

Our special laminated cotton fabric is sourced responsibly from Korea.

All our sewn goods are cut and sewn right here in Seattle. We use immigrant sewers and pay a living wage. Everything is cut and sewn by a family run Seattle area shop. Read more HERE

Do we have Sewing patterns?

Yes! Click HERE for our FREE sewing patterns

We have lots of tutorials too. We want to help you SEW ALL THE THINGS!

Why do we call it Magic Fabric?

because it is...