Most asked questions:


What is this magical Fabric?

Not your Grandma's Oilcloth

Is it eco-friendly?


Our coated fabric is:

Free of PFAFS or 'forever chemicals' - no toxins or off gassing

Food safe - We had it independently tested in accordance with the FDA specifications for food safety.

Biodegradable - Our fabric (both the cotton AND the coating) will eventually biodegrade. (Not while you are using it- but 6 months in a worm bin will do the trick). :)

Made in a mill using sustainable practices - it got an eco-friendly seal of approval from OEKO-TEX. Read more HERE

Is the business eco-friendly too?

YES. And we have an EnviroStar to prove it!

We recycle EVERYTHING possible. All wholesale orders and many of our retail orders are shipped in recycled boxes. New packaging is always biodegradable.

We save energy wherever we can. We even do errands by electric car! We strive for a circular economy model, by using local stitchers + Made in the US suppliers.

Who makes our products?

Our special laminated cotton fabric is sourced responsibly from Korea.

All our sewn goods are cut and sewn right here in Seattle. We use immigrant sewers and pay a living wage.

Everything is cut and sewn by a family run Seattle area shop.

Read more HERE

Is it "Oilcloth"?

NO! This is NOT YOUR GRANDMA"S OILCLOTH. It's not made of oil, nor is it made with toxic PVC. Don’t be fooled--most oilcloth on the market today never biodegrades and contains Phthalates, which have been known to cause cancer.

Instead, our water-based urethane coating is laminated to the face of the fabric, combining durability with easy-care convenience. All of our fabrics are food-safe, earth-safe, and family-friendly.

Read more HERE.

All about shipping:

We pride ourselves in speedy shipping & excellent customer service

When do we ship?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Usually US mail. Someitmes UPS.In a compostable or recyclable envelope.

Expect your goodies to arrive about 5 days from when you order.


Can you pick up?

YES you can.

2403 E Aloha St, Seattle, 98112

Select Pick-up option at checkout
You will receive an email when your order is ready.

Come by our covered front porch any time 24/7

We work here on Capitol Hill, but don't have regular hours or a regular storefront. Look at EVENTS below for in person shopping.

Do we ship to Canada?

Sadly Not! It is prohibitively expensive and unreliable from the US. But we have lots of fabric stores carrying our fabric in Canada. They can also ship to you there.

Check out: 

For Canadian wholesale fabric orders please email for more information!

Other international shipping?

Issues with cost and reliability have stopped us shipping retail orders internationally.
We offer international shipping for wholesale orders only. 

Please help us find retailers in your area. We'd love to connect to retailers abroad.

Contact us

Email us at:

We love you and respond quickly...unless we are backpacking!


Who designs the prints?

I do!

We collaborate with other designers sometimes, but mostly it's me, Tracy, right here in Seattle. Collaborators include:
· Christine Joly de Lotbiniere
· Maria Shell

Always drawing, looking out for my next print idea. Always out in nature, swimming, dreaming is where I find them.

Not your Grandma's Oilcloth

Want to feel the fabric?

People fall in love at first touch. Many gasp because they think it'll be hard like the old oilcloth. It's not.

Our "Magic Fabric" has the weight and drape of real cotton.

It's laminated with a soft matte biodegradable finish to ensure it can stand up to years of wear and tear. It's sophisticated, feels like plain fabric, and is built to last.

You gotta touch it to believe it!

Get a swatch pack

Wipe-n-wash for the win!

Is it washable?

YES! But mostly, you don’t have to.
For stubborn spots, soak it in the sink with soap, and scrub it on the cotton side until it washes out. You can use most products or sprays.

Pen marks MAY come off with goo-off or similar products (but they may not).

Use the washer and the dryer. Really.
If it comes out wrinkly, you can iron it too.

How do I sew with it?

Don't be afraid to sew with Laminated Cotton!

Do I need special tools?

Nope! It's easy-peasy.
Go ahead and use whatever you have already. You can try:

  • Schmetz non-stick needle
  • Sharp denim needle
  • 40 Weight poly thread
  • #3.5 (longer) stitch length
  • Teflon foot

Sewing Patterns?

Yes! Click HERE for our FREE sewing patterns

We have sewing tutorials too!
We want to help you SEW ALL THE THINGS!

Go ahead and copy or print these patterns. We don't sell them or send you printed copies.

Let us know if you have edits. THX!

Can I iron it?

Yes, you can iron it! Yes, it's scary, but true!
Start on the cotton side with a lower heat setting. Most wrinkles & creases will relax out over time.

You can iron on interfacing or stabilizers. Go ahead and try it. If you are able to ruin it, we will send you replacement fabric.

We have even made hot pads out of it.

Questions about tablecloths? we have answers!

All About Tablecloths

What size tablecloth should I order?

Measure your table . Add the "drop" you want to all 4 sides. Standard tablecloth "drop" is 6"- 8".

Order standard tablecloths here

Need a custom size tablecloth?

Order a custom size!
Enter your desired dimensions in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at check out.
Buy our fabric by the yard. No need to hem.

Custom Rectangle/Square Custom round

Care & feeding for our fabric and goods

Don't be afraid of laminated cotton

Pick up here! At my house

2403 E Aloha St, Seattle, 98112

Once you get an email that your order is ready, come by any time. It's on our covered front porch. THANK YOU!