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      Father's Day Gift Guide

      Father's Day Gift Guide

      Father’s Day is coming up SOON!  Need ideas? We have them! No matter what your dad is into- we have the perfect gift! 

      Splash Fabric Full Apron on four men

      In the Kitchen (or at the Grill) - When there’s a sauce bubbling or something smoking on the grill- keep his clothes clean in style with one (or two! or five!) of our fabulous apronsGrease stains will be a thing of the past and all that will be left is deliciousness!


      Splash Fabric fanny pack is perfect for travel

      Traveling- Things are finally opening up and if the dad on your list loves to travel- the Fritz Fanny  is perfect for sight seeing far and wide. Keep passports, wallets and sunglasses on hand and in sight! 


      Splash Fabric stand up pouch is perfect for meetings

       Meetings- Whether in person or on Zoom, dad will have everything he needs for work organized in our medium stand up pouches . Pair a pouch with a  Seattle Bag for all dad’s business needs- from the commute to the boardroom! 

      Splash Fabric beach bag is perfect for getaways

      Summer Fun- He will be able to fit everything he needs for summer fun in our spacious Getaway Bag! Sports equipment, beach towels, camping gear- it all fits!



      Splash Fabric Stash pouch

      Always Prepared - Does your dad always have what’s needed in his car, desk, or garage? Help him keep it all organized and on hand- stash wallet, snacks, electronics, cords, tools, chargers- whatever he needs- in our new Stash Pouch!

      Tip: Pair a pouch with a matching Market Tote or Seattle Bag for practical and effortless organization on the go. 


      Splash Fabric aprons are perfect in the workshop

      In the Workshop - Does your dad tinker, create, or build? We have several things that are perfect to aid him in his creative process!

      Splash Fabric Reversible tub

      Our reversible tubs are perfect for organizing supplies and catching odds and ends.


      Splash Fabric stand up pouch

      Our medium stand up pouches keep pencils, pens, erasers, and other odds and ends. 

      Splash Fabric apron

      Our  aprons....again! Help him keep his clothes clean during those times where mess is part of the artisanal process.

      Dad and me in Splash Fabric aprons

      Tip: Get a matching apron for the littles when it's a Dad and Me day in the garden or workshop!



      Splash Fabric Seattle messenger bag

      On the Go - Whether he’s on foot, on a bike, or on the metro- our Seattle Bag is perfect. It's lightweight and strong, with a wide and comfortable strap. This messenger bag will go wherever dad does and rain won’t be an issue with all his important things tucked within a waterproof, wipe-clean Seattle Bag. 


      Splash Fabric Market Tote

      Urban Adventure - Our market totes are perfect for the urban adventure dad. Strong and practical, it holds up to 40lbs of groceries, but also is lightweight and can fold into his cargo pants when he’s not using it. 


       Splash fabric table cloth

      Summer Entertaining- Is your dad the life of the party? He’ll show his carefree summer style with one of our easy care tablecloths. Available in three sizes and multiple colors and prints- our tablecloths are the perfect addition to his next gathering.



       Splash Fabric Large Pouch 

      The Cat Dad- The cat's out of the bag.…Jackson Galaxy has nothing on your cat dad! This purrrrfect print is available in our aprons, market totes, fanny packs, getaway bags, hipsters, pouches, tubs, and tablecloths! Mix and match all the feline goodness for your favorite cat dad!


      Splash Fabric Large Pouch 

      The Dog Dad- Dogs more his style? We have everything a dog dad needs for a day out with pooch! 

      Do you need more ideas? We could do this all day! Whatever you choose, your dad will be happy. 

      Wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Mother’s Day is coming up SOON- are you ready? Need ideas? We have them! No matter what your mom is into- we have the perfect gift. 

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      4 Ways Splash Fabric Keeps it Green

      Tracy wearing GRASS colored green apron
      As a former park ranger- it goes without saying that protecting the environment is very important to me and was a reason I founded Splash Fabric in the first place (back when it was ImpWear). Since starting this business, sustainability and eco-friendliness has been in the forefront of every decision I make running Splash Fabric; so in honor of Earth Day this week here are four ways that we run a 'green ship' around here!

      Read more

      9 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with a Splash Fabric Apron!

      4 men wearing Splash Fabric aprons and starting to cook

      Our laminated cotton makes the best aprons! No muss, no fuss. With Splash Fabric you can just wipe it clean or throw it in the wash and hang dry. It's fun to get messy when you don't have to worry about the clean up!

      Getting dirty or hoping to stay clean. Our aprons are not afraid of dirt, work & all your projects!

      Here are 9 things you didn't know you can do with your apron!

      1. House cleaning

      And we mean cleaning the inside OR outside of your house. Whether you are cleaning the floor, bath, kitchen, front door, windows, or the gutters- our aprons will keep up and keep you clean. 

      2. Cooking

      Found a new delicious recipe you are eager to try out? Want to fire up the grill for friends? Or do you want to finally teach your spouse how to bake you a cake? Aprons and kitchens are an obvious match made in heaven! 

      Four men with aprons ready to cook

      3. Dishwashing

      In case your dishwasher breaks or you are not using one- if there is water involved trust Splash Fabric aprons to make your life easier and keep your body dryer! 

      Apron ready for dishwashing

      4. Baking with the kids/grandkids

      I don't care how much experience you have baking with kids, it's always going to be messy. Thanks to Splash Fabric aprons - you don't even have to pretend that this time it will be different.

      Child with her father sitting on the porch wearing aprons

      5. Barbecuing

      Be honest, how many times have you barbecued without an apron? And how many times have you regretted it? Exactly.

      Man barbecuing

      6. Gardening

      Instead of dressing up your in your worst clothes to avoid getting your good clothes dirty, we suggest covering up using Splash Fabric aprons. Your clothes will thank you! (And so will your apron because aprons like fresh air too!)

      Girl gardening with her Splash Fabric apron

      7. Crafting

      Do you sew, knit, paint, or scrapbook? Wearing an apron keeps your creations on the canvas, table, paper, wall, or desk- and off of your clothes! (Also the pockets are SUPER handy for everything your creativity calls you to keep on hand.)

      8. Pottery

      Speaking of artistic pursuits- let's talk about one of the coolest...but messiest. Pottery! Give your mind a break and don't worry about all of the random and unexpected clay splashes. Even if you are skillful potter, the person next to you might not be.

      A man doing pottery with his Splash Fabric apron

      9. Dog washing

      It needs to be done and it will be wet! Ease the process for you and your four legged friend by wearing an apron!

      Two young girl washing their dog while wearing Splash Fabric aprons


      Are there things we didn't mention here? Share your brilliant uses for a Splash Fabric apron in the comments!

      Meet the Maker- Birthday Edition

      Tracy Krauter of Splash Fabrics sits at her design table creating fabric and looks at the camera.

      Happy birthday to me!

      Today is my birthday and in honor of my birthday, I thought that this is also a great time for a Meet the Maker post to help you get to know me better and to share more about why I do what I do!

      I love to draw, create, problem solve and bring joy. I also LOVE FABRIC. 

      I love my customers. They send me nice notes, reviews, and recommend Splash Fabric to others every day. 

      I also get to support and make jobs for many people in my community. During our mask mission in the heart of the pandemic, we supported 25 mostly immigrant women with full time work on which their families rely (click here to read more about the amazing people who help make our wonderful products). We pumped $450k into the local economy and are still pumping away, thanks to all your support. 

      I love the process of building a business. First I made kids clothes while my kids were little. Then I remodeled a series of rental houses. Now it's laminated cotton products and fabric design. 

      It's all about solving the next problem that is in front of me. There is an endless supply in business and sometimes triage is necessary. 

      Through Splash Fabric, I get to bring joy to my customers who love our tablecloths, aprons, and bags and more; as well as those who love to sew with our magic fabrics

      It wasn't until my kids were grown that this former art teacher, outdoor enthusiast, and pattern-lover took the leap and started Splash Fabric. 

      I believe my greatest moments grew out of taking those big leaps and making a big SPLASH! 

      If I can do it, you can too!