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Follow along with Tracy and make our popular Bonk Bag fanny pack in this tutorial!

Buckles, zippers, and webbing


We only make the fabric - here is where you can find the rest! 

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How do I sew with this?

Don't be afraid of laminated cotton!

Do I need special tools?

Nope! It's easy-peasy.

Go ahead and use whatever you have already. You can also try these tricks:

-Use a schmetz non-stick needle

-Use a sharp denim needle

-Use 40 Weight poly thread

-Use #3.5 (longer) stitch length

-Use a teflon foot

Can I iron your fabric?

Yes, you can iron it!

Yes, it's scary, but true!

Start on the cotton side with a lower heat setting. Most wrinkles & creases will relax out over time.

You can iron on interfacing or stabilizers. Go ahead and try it. If you are able to ruin it, we will send you replacement fabric.

We have even made hot pads out of it!

Can I wash it?


But mostly, you don’t have to.

For stubborn spots, soak it in the sink with soap, and scrub it on the cotton side until it washes out. You can use most products or sprays.

Pen marks MAY come off with goo-off or similar products (but they may not).

Use the washer and the dryer. Really.

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