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      So, is this oilcloth? Well, yes and no. It’s a modern, eco-friendly version.

      While we love the nostalgia of your grandma’s oilcloth, this one isn’t made of oil, nor is it made with toxic PVC like the Mexican “oilcloth”. Don’t be fooled--Mexican oilcloth never biodegrades and contains Phthalates, which have been known to cause cancer. By comparison, our water-based urethane coating is laminated to the face of the fabric, combining durability with easy-care convenience (it cleans up easily with a damp cloth). All of our fabrics are food-safe, earth-safe, and family-friendly.

      Back in the day, oilcloth used to be made by coating heavier weight cotton with linseed oil, which slowly cracked and peeled with age. This method became obsolete with the advent of non-cracking plastics.  Our coated cotton "oilcloth" is still made with real fabric, so it has the weight and drape of real cloth, yet is laminated to ensure it can stand up to years of wear and tear.

      While many of our old laminates were shiny, our current fabrics have a subtle matte finish. More sophisticated. It feels like plain fabric, but more rugged.

      Our low-maintenance tablecloths are tough as nails and only require a quick wipe of a damp cloth to keep them looking neat and clean. You can iron it on the cotton side, but you don't have to. Most wrinkles relax out.

      NO, BBQ sparks won't burn it.

      YES, you can put pans straight from the oven on it. Use it as a hot-pad. Go ahead.