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      We love creators! Some of our best promotional content has arisen organically though Splash fans sending us what they've done with our products, or posting them to their own channels.

      If you are interested in creating something beautiful using our products, we are happy to send you whatever you need, free of charge. We ask nothing in return but your honest feedback (and maybe a tag if you share it to social media).



      We have worked with brands like A Beautiful Mess, Sallie Tomato, and Urban Craft Uprising in the past, and would love to add your brand to the list!

      We genuinely love the creativity and love that crafters put into creating beautiful works of art with our products, and want to encourage and foster working relationships with as many creators as possible.

      If you're interested in collaborating, PLEASE reach out to by sending a message with "Creator, here!" in the subject line.

      Please note, we are not interested in trading links or conducting shady SEO practices—we just want to get our products in the hands of the right people in the easiest way possible!