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SAND Fabric - Laminated Cotton - by the 1/2 yard

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Finish: 1/2yd - Laminated Cotton

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55” wide  |  Eco-Laminated Cotton 

Simply classic, peaceful and perpetually clean, SAND is so neutral and looks lovely, perfect for any project! Its pattern looks like linen, you'll love it. 

Price is for a HALF yard. Cuts will be continuous. 

Cut yardage is not returnable. 

See our FAQ's for more info!

Finish: 1/2yd - Laminated Cotton

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Decorating with Splash fabric

Very good. During Covid, I set up a little office using Elfa shelving in the corner of my main living area. I used a 36” by 24” laminated board with a dark faux wood finish as my desk. It never looked great and turned into a real eyesore as the laminate chipped. I had the idea of wrapping it in Linen Splash fabric to match my tablecloth. I bought a yard and was able to wrap it using white duct tape on the underside. Now, the desk just disappears!

Laura-Jeanne Monahos
I love this fabric!

We have been using this neutral colored laminated cotton fabric under our toddler's high chair, and it's saving our rug underneath it. It's very easy to wipe all the food and spills off when she's done eating and tossing food onto the floor to feed our cat. :-) And we washed it in the washing machine once so far and it came out looking and feeling the same. I'm about to buy more to protect our rugs from her new crayons. I also have some in another pattern which I plan to sew some fun things with.

Light weight

It looked very nice and was very flexible as a tablecloth. But it did not have the heft I was looking for....was hoping for the same type of sturdiness of traditional oil cloth. This did not stay in place on my table, it kept shifting if touched even lightly. I ended up putting a plastic type sheet under it like something to keep throw rugs in place. But that was awkward because it was visible, lumpy, obvious and unattractive under the fabric.

Anyway, I think this would be wonderful for making aprons or other items around the house because it seems flexible and workable. But I don't recommend it for using as a table covering.

Carol Carlson
Lovely Laminated Cotton

I finally found a neutral solid color of laminated food grade cotton for a tablecloth and couldn't be happier with this fabric.


I wanted a food-safe, wipeable tablecloth in a custom size for daily use (so, no oilcloth). Didn't even bother to hem since the laminate keeps the fabric from fraying. Please make this fabric in more patterns!

Not Your Grandma's Oil Cloth

This Fabric is Magic 

  • 100% Cotton, Laminated
  • Spill Proof 
  • Swipe Clean
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Ok to machine wash & dry
  • You can iron it too!

Splash Fabric is coated with a water-based urethane. This protective layer is rolled out in the factory and heat-set to the cotton. The result is a creamy, durable, soft, and all-around fantastic-feeling fabric. 

The coating will eventually biodegrade, but that won't happen until you are long done using it. Highest standard for food-safety and eco-friendliness, this is truly feel good fabric.

Spills just wipe off our laminated cotton!

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