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FREE needle with every fabric order!
Free Shipping over $50+
FREE needle with every fabric order!
Free Shipping over $50+
FREE needle with every fabric order!

A warm welcome from owner and designer, Tracy Krauter.

Tracy shares her "why" behind designing non toxic fabrics and products that are made to stand up to all of life's spills and thrills.

Hello there! 

I'm Tracy Krauter, owner and fabric designer of Splash Fabric: a local Seattle fabric shop!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and provide some context about my business-the "whys" and "hows" behind the drive to design sustainable crafting fabrics and here goes:

30 years ago I began this journey that started as a sewing hobby. Slowly over time it has become a reflection of all my hobbies!

Growing up in the outdoors:

Growing up in Seattle undoubtedly helped to shape my love for the outdoors. I spent all my summers in the mountains and in the waters of the Puget Sound. As I approached my 20's I was encouraged to explore further so I took a job as a Park Ranger and served at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Has anyone ever been? It's become a staple for me and my family. The marvel of our Earth has always been a wonder in my life and even more so the older (and wiser) I get.


In 1990 I had my first child and two more after him. All of my kids are boys, and boy can imagine what my house looked like everyday! The adventure that is children, forced me to learn creative ways to keep a somewhat clean home, or maybe what I meant to say is a somewhat "indestructible" home. I loved the challenge!


Raising three boys though, you can bet it "took a village" to make sure they were raised right. I've never underestimated the need for community and in fact, community is what has allowed me to pursue my passions! Building this company I knew I wanted my community to benefit so we employ local sewers as well as donate to our local Boys and Girls Club.

Splash Fabric can be seen as a reflection of these experiences and lessons throughout my life. Environmentally conscious, driven by a need for practical products, passion for creativity as well as an appreciation for communities-our company is dedicated to delivering these values through every product.

It continues to be because of YOU that I design these fabrics and create life durable products that make our lives easier, keeping fun and love at the center of our days.

Thank you for being a part of this.

Sincerely, Tracy Krauter

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