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      We love seeing you in person!

      Tracy Krauter of Splash Fabric standing in her booth at Urban Craft Uprising

      We spent last weekend at Urban Craft Uprising  and oh what fun! It's always fabulous to see all your smiling faces in person and this event was no different! 

      Like last year, our booth was right in the front so we were able to see people coming and going and you kept us busy all weekend long! It was especially fun when people stopped by wearing Splash bags that they purchased in the past. The Seattle Bag has been a hit for years!

      It's also fun to see what you all love and are drawn to. This year it was all about Juanita! This red floral pattern was a crowd fave. Winter has come early to Seattle, so we think the bright red and purple tones are speaking to people strongly right now. It's bright, but also warm- a treat for eyes that are looking outside at so much gray.

      Other crowd faves? 

      Tablecloths (always), Seattle Bags, Getaway Bags, Stash Pouches (people were getting several at a time to serve as easy gifts during the holidays), and our ever popular Reversible Tub

      Do you have a favorite Splash Fabric pattern and product? We'd love to know!