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    It's a sweet match! Fiestaware & IMPWEARhome

    It's a sweet match! Fiestaware & IMPWEARhome

    While we were at the Quilt Market in Kansas City last week, one of our customers told us to go to Pryde's, a kitchen store with the biggest selection of Fiestaware in the midwest. We had gotten Fiestaware when we got married 32 years ago. We love it but never thought of selling our colorful splashy modern laminated cotton tablecloths, aprons & napkins alongside it.

    Well, David, our family's fabulous cook, and my cute husband, packed a bag of samples and walked into the cooking mecca of Pryde's. There, he met Louise, a fellow "Food is Love" guide & owner of the most inspirational kitchen store.

    The employees and Louise all loved IMPWEARhome. They embraced our line and Louise made the largest wholesale order we've ever gotten in mere minutes. Louise Pryde's

    This is Louise in her historic store.

    David's excitement when he returned to the booth (where I had spent the afternoon happily connecting with my fellow fabric lover people) was palpable. He had connected with these cooks who love color and abundance as much as we do.  

    Look mom, no hands!

    Look mom, no hands!

    Hi there! I’m introducing myself here as I’m partcipating in #slowfashionchallenge#memademay Here goes! 

    I picked this photo because I am a person who likes taking risks. I am always diving off cliffs and making my way down. It makes me feel alive (see photo). I get super interested in something and just go for it. Things I have gone for:

    •Hiking, ⛺️/ I was a National Park Ranger in a “previous life” I still take pilgrimages to my beloved SW each year, but do plenty of hiking in my home state of Washington.

    •Chinese/calligraphy/I have a degree in Chinese & traveled there in 1981 when everyone wore Mao jackets.

    •I have remodeled 5 houses including tiling most surfaces using cast off tiles, rocks, broken pottery, and using lots of materials recycled from local schools. •I’m a deadhead, having gone to 40-50 concerts. (Usually hitchhiking) My oldest son(shown above me here) took me to a Dead & Co concert at the Gorge, giving me a real appreciation for @John Mayer.

    •David Krauter. Still married to my first husband after 32 years. We have 3 nearly grown boys who all know how to weld and sail, & recycle

    •I took my boys ages 3, 9, 12 to rural India for 4 months. We hiked 90 miles in the Himalayas & had adventures while my husband worked on tunnel boring machines there.

    •After Axel was born I made all his clothes, did my first street fair selling them & created IMPWEAR clothing many of Seattle’s children in colorful reversible goodness for 14 years.

    •While raising kids I taught art in public schools, teaching every child to sew, some to weld, do pottery, make pies & all to solve problems using their hands.

    •5 years ago I started IMPWEARhome, using an eco-friendly version of oilcloth. It’s laminated cotton. I fell in love with it and made up a wholesale line, doing @NYNOW@lasvegasmarket & other shows. I found that I could go to the shows with a Rollie bag and scrounge furniture from castoffs once I got there. (Typical)

    •3 years ago I dove into fabric design, ordering 3,000 yds at a time. I’m now on my 7th design. (Most inspired by travels) That was a real cliff dive but it launched me into a satisfying new adventure that keeps me growing and learning.

    Now go check out our amazing eco-freindly laminated cotton fabrics to see the results of all this SO FAR!       Happy creating   -   Tracy Krauter, Owner/Designer

    Family Business & The Ribbon Factory

    Family Business & The Ribbon Factory


    I really care about making quality and ethically made products. Turning my fabric into aprons, tablecloths and bags takes a village! So many people come together to turn an idea into reality. Which is the finished practical and durable products made from IMPWEAR fabrics. Working with other companies who share my values is a just one way to use the power I have as a business owner to support folks who do it the right way! It's funny because when you look into fairly made items, incredible quality always seems to go hand in hand, like the smooth and buttery texture of the eco-friendly, water-based coating I use! It feels so much better than what most oilcloth is made out of (toxic vinyl). 

    Another example is The Ribbon Factory. I found them during my search to find the perfect black cotton twill, that doesn't bleed, is biodegradable and fairly priced.

    We have used literally miles of their ribbon for our apron strings.

    The Ribbon Factory is the definition of a family business. For five generations they've made a consistent and fabulous product. I'm so glad I found them. They're were I get the ties on my aprons from and I love, love, love them. Their company was founded 140 years ago, so they've had some time to figure out exactly how to do good business. On their site David Steinbuhler has written the incredible history of his amazing company. I couldn't choose which parts to mention so I've copied is story below! 

    Enjoy <3  

    The History Behind the Ribbon

     My father worked here, my father's father worked here, and my grandfather's father is where our legacy really began.

    My great-grandfather, August Steinbuhler, arrived in New York City in 1853 after crossing the Atlantic on a sailing ship at the age of nine. Charles Horn made the same trip the year before, also at the age of nine. Both boys were part of the German Austrian emigration. I don't know many details, but by the mid 1870s, these two men had married sisters, Charlie had founded the Charles Horn Silk Company in Manhattan, and August had started his life long career as a ribbon salesman for the company.

    It is exciting for me to think that our company evolved through the sweep of our country's history adjusting to changing market demands and technology. We have remained strong and vibrant after 140 years and five generations.

    The small, rural village of Titusville in western Pennsylvania had, in 1859, become the birthplace of the oil industry. While Charles was building his ribbon company in NYC, Titusville was becoming a rough and ready oil boomtown. By the mid 1890s, the founding fathers of Titusville were concerned with its character and wanted to create "more civility." They decided to advertise across the country offering to build a factory for any business that would move to Titusville and hire women.

    Charlie answered the advertisement. August's son, William, who was working for his "uncle" Charlie, was given the job of disassembling the looms and seeing to their installation in the new plant. In midwinter 1897, a train rolled into Titusville, and the looms were moved from the depot to the new factory by horse drawn sled. William, my grandfather, who was just twenty-two years old at the time of the move, became plant foreman, got married, and started raising a family.

    Charlie had no children of his own, and William took advantage of opportunities to purchase the company. Soon, his two sons, Bill and Jack, became involved. In time, they issued forth great innovation and change. New looms and new dye machines were developed and built, many of which are still used to this day. My father, Jack, began work in 1935 and he continued to work every day until his passing in 2007; a remarkable career of over seventy years. As styles changed over the last century, products have moved from hair bows to belting for ladies' dresses and ribbon for ladies' hats. Yarns have changed from worm silk to rayon to nylon and polyester. Cotton has been a staple for shoe binding, zipper tape, and garment tape. The company's name was changed to Horn Textile after silk was no longer used.

    To me, it seems there has always been the family business. My father bought out his brother in the early 1950s, and in 1971, my brother JJ and I came back to carry on the traditions of innovation and dedication. It is heartening to know the company remains a steady fixture in our community with wonderful employee loyalty. Over the decades, I have watched older employees pass on their skills to new younger ones and am amazed to think how much knowledge has accumulated throughout the factory.

    My brother, JJ, moved on to run a business he created manufacturing award medallions, and I am proud to say my two sons, Chase and Peter, have taken the helm with their youthful energy and enthusiasm, along with my grandson, Zach, trailing close behind.  This makes six generations. Walking the floor of the mill with its massive timber columns, I feel our rich history and am grateful to have been a part of it.  I know the company remains in strong hands, and like my father, suspect I shall be around for many more years.


    David Steinbuhler


    It's me again! If you use my fabric to make awesome things, I truly recommend checking them out.

    The Ribbon Factory

    Cheers and Happy Spring everyone! 




    Laminated Cotton Reversible Planters for Succulents

    There's nothing like a deadline!

    There is nothing like a deadline. I am proud to say that I completed samples of my new products for my first trade show of the season fully 2 day before I boarded the plane for @IndieMarketBayArea. This is progress towards my New Year's goal of getting more sleep in 2019! In the past, as any good entrepreneur does, I have pulled 3am bedtimes or all-nighters before a deadline. Not this time - it's 2019.

    I managed to carve out time BEFORE midnight to finish a bunch of our new reversible bucket bags and they were met with smashing success!  They seem to have hit a chord.  I flew into San Francisco (6 hours late), then stopped at the cutest East Bay Nursery in Berkeley. I spent too much time enjoying the huge array of succulents to behold.  I enjoyed picking out a bunch in 4-6” pot sizes to merchandise the tubs as planters. I finally got to the amazing Craneway Pavilion to complete set up in a record 2 hours! (another deadline - YAY!)

    Everyone who came by my booth was enthralled and delighted and placed orders for these so look for them soon in a store near you!  I sold all my samples to the Marin Museum of Art as well.

    After a delayed flight, and my shopping trip, I had successfully procrastinated in getting to the venue to set up my booth until 2 hours before they closed it, allowing me to learn that I can complete a set-up in exactly 2 hours. Old habits do die hard. I was, however, so flustered by then that I dropped my rental car keys in a bag (that I had already stapled to the wall of my booth). Instead of driving my rental car to the Airbnb as planned, I hailed a Lyft and had the best conversation with a hard-luck but coming-back driver who told me that my own hard luck of losing my keys meant that I had set myself up for a day of success tomorrow. Fortunately, he was right. My rep, Patty Plowman, came in the morning and announced that her grandmother had crowned her the “finder of lost things” and proceeded to pull the keys out of the pocket of the bag that I had already looked in 10 times.

    The keys were found and the show was awesome and I loved being there.


    joy 2019 fabric designer napkins corporate gifts

    Joy to you in 2019!

    Joy to you in 2019! 

    Our 2018 was full of ❤️, orders (thank you), fantastic trips, family 💛 & coffee! We traveled to see you in Houston, Las Vegas, Cleveland, San Francisco & Seattle. Our website sales grew like never before & I am growing my fabric offerings as fast as I can. I have loved how y’all have embraced our new fabrics which really come from my heart. Thank you! 

    I have met so many wonderful people who really “get” me & what I do & why I do it. @quiltmarket has been a #gamechanger 

    Polka dot love to all of you! Shall we do a polka dot fabric? 

    As the new year starts I am busy creating a fun new product while refilling best sellers 🌟Stay tuned! 

    We are looking for more business gifting/collaborations in 2019. This photo shows our shipment of 150 sets of napkins as gifts for @reilykitchengroup clients. Do you need this service? 

    I wish you much joy & happiness & lovely fabrics in the new year. 


    PS. I’ll be at @indiemarketbayarea (booth 19) this Sunday-Tuesday Jan 6-8. Come see me! In the beautiful @cranewaypavilion