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      Meet the Maker- Birthday Edition

      Tracy Krauter of Splash Fabrics sits at her design table creating fabric and looks at the camera.

      Happy birthday to me!

      Today is my birthday and in honor of my birthday, I thought that this is also a great time for a Meet the Maker post to help you get to know me better and to share more about why I do what I do!

      I love to draw, create, problem solve and bring joy. I also LOVE FABRIC. 

      I love my customers. They send me nice notes, reviews, and recommend Splash Fabric to others every day. 

      I also get to support and make jobs for many people in my community. During our mask mission in the heart of the pandemic, we supported 25 mostly immigrant women with full time work on which their families rely (click here to read more about the amazing people who help make our wonderful products). We pumped $450k into the local economy and are still pumping away, thanks to all your support. 

      I love the process of building a business. First I made kids clothes while my kids were little. Then I remodeled a series of rental houses. Now it's laminated cotton products and fabric design. 

      It's all about solving the next problem that is in front of me. There is an endless supply in business and sometimes triage is necessary. 

      Through Splash Fabric, I get to bring joy to my customers who love our tablecloths, aprons, and bags and more; as well as those who love to sew with our magic fabrics

      It wasn't until my kids were grown that this former art teacher, outdoor enthusiast, and pattern-lover took the leap and started Splash Fabric. 

      I believe my greatest moments grew out of taking those big leaps and making a big SPLASH! 

      If I can do it, you can too! 

      Design Story: ORCAS

      Design Story: ORCAS
      Behind every design there's a story. That's often times how we name our products. Orcas was one of our original designs. A simple nod to the blues of the Puget Sound in the summertime.

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      Stress Less this Holiday Season!

      Stress Less this Holiday Season!

      The Holidays always bring about a special feeling in the guessed it! STRESS! Ahhhh! Here's some ways that I've managed the stress of the holidays so I can enjoy it.

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      How to manage the mess with kids!

      How to manage the mess with kids!

      However managing the mess? There is nothing more overwhelming.

      We know, and that's exactly why we've created our Mess Management collection. With these items you will find that cleaning up the mess is a breeze. Then you can look forward to the fun part a little more!

      Whatever messes you are into, we are here for you. Check out our Splash Mats, Jack's Bib and Kid's Aprons!

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